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Remote Monitoring Unit

This unit can be installed in any location where there is a need to have monitoring of a number of remote items. Some of the applications are:-
·         The level in oil tanks.
·         The temperature of the flow and return of the boilers.
·         The level in drinking water tanks.
·         The level in cold water tanks.
·         The state of the water pumps –running, tripped, stopped etc.
·         Control of unit on and off times e.g. heating or lighting.
·         Control of ventilation system in large greenhouses.
·         Sound alarms when certain conditions are reached.
·         The state of access doors.
The unit can send either SMS messages or emails to a predefined set of contacts and it is possible to allocate certain contacts to have remote access to the system to enable them to modify the settings, for instance the on and off times for the heating system.


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